Mobile Device Management
Manage all devices in your company centrally with MDM!

We take your company’s IT to the next level with customized mobile device management solutions


Use the automatic workstation setup function and set up Macs for onboarding and offboarding in a matter of minutes.


Reduce IT costs

As your IT service provider, we are available to answer all your technical questions and ensure that your IT always runs smoothly.

DSGVO & IT compliance

MDM helps you to implement internal IT compliance requirements and at the same time helps you to comply with GDPR guidelines

Mobile device management
for your companyobile 

Do you need software for organizing the mobile devices in your company?
We will work with you to find a customized MDM solution for your company.

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We help you and advise you on the selection and purchase of end devices for your company. Whether smartphone, tablet, notebook or laptop.
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Device setup

Fast and easy inventorying of the end devices in your company by our IT experts saves you time and resources and allows you to focus fully on your day-to-day business.
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Device management

Mobile Device Management allows you to manage your end devices securely and efficiently. If you have any questions, our team of IT experts is there to help you with constant support.
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IT Security

The MDM in your company is aligned with the GDPR guidelines and follows the security rules and compliance in your company.
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MDM Consulting

We are at your disposal for all your questions and wishes and help you to work out and implement the individually suitable solution for them.
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Jamf, Intune, etc….We choose the right MDM software for you! Flexibly adapted to the systems you use: Mac OS, Windows, Android or iOS.

Central management and overview of the end devices in the company

Thanks to an individual MDM solution that is perfectly tailored to the systems and requirements within your company, you can devote even more time to your day-to-day business, while your employees can work even more flexibly and effectively with their end devices. Meanwhile, we are always available in the background to support you with our expertise. 

Employee productivity &
Advance automation of processes

Many synergies are created through an MDM solution that is individually tailored to the needs and conditions in the respective company. The overview of processes and workflows is strengthened and employees find it easier to live and work. They can work more flexibly without worrying about mobile devices that are tailored to individual working conditions.

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Protection of data in case of theft or
loss of a device

If an employee’s work device goes missing, it can be locked and rendered unusable by one of our IT experts within minutes, protecting your business from data misuse.

Customized MDM solutions
for SME

This is where Mobile Device Management comes into play. An individual MDM solution in your company helps to implement exactly this IT compliance and additionally increase the functionality of the employee devices.

PIT compliance: rules for the use of end devices in your company

To ensure efficient work, IT security and compliance with data protection regulations (DSGVO) at the same time, a company must establish clear rules. Likewise, an awareness of good and compliant handling of company, employee and customer data must be created.

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