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As a full-service IT system house and Apple specialist, jemix stands for holistic managed services for Mac network solutions in the business customer environment.

With offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Mallorca, jemix realizes custom-fit service concepts for a smooth and efficient IT communication structure together with its customers. The optimization of the IT infrastructure is not an end in itself, but provides employees with noticeable freedom for more growth and new goals.

The basis of jemix services is always individual consulting, taking into account the specifics of the company and the latest technical developments.

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Since its foundation in 2012, jemix GmbH has been on a steady expansion course thanks to the many satisfied customers who gladly recommend us. Our customers include medium-sized companies, corporations, agencies, medical practices as well as demanding private individuals or sole proprietorships.
Due to the collegial and trusting cooperation with our customers, our team of certified IT specialists also has detailed insights into various industry-specific requirements.

Outstanding industry focal points of our work are in the areas of communication and advertising, publishing and design agencies, medical practices and healthcare providers as well as law firms, consulting and real estate companies.

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Mission, Vision & Values

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Our mission

Our mission is to constantly drive the seamless integration of Apple systems in companies!
For this purpose, we remain technologically 100% Up-To-Date. We understand digital change as a permanent opportunity and enable our customers to keep pace and benefit from our know-how.
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Our vision

Our vision is a working world where every employee has the chance to work with Apple! Our goal is to make the workplace of tomorrow more beautiful, easier and more personal.
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Our values

1.Open culture of communication
2. We trust each other
3. Multigenerational team
4. Creative problem solving