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Experiences consultants for customized it solutions in berlin, hamburg, cologne and palma de mallorca

IT-consulting by Jemix

Our IT-consulting services are designed to understand the needs and requirements of your business and to develop customized IT solutions. We have many years of experience in the IT industry and work closely with our customers to develop an effective and cost-efficient IT strategy.

We support companies in the digital transformation of their systems and processes. Our task is to solve complex and extensive technological challenges and to support our clients making the right investment choices.

IT-consulting services

Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in the following areas:

IT-strategy & planning

We help our clients develop an optimal IT strategy that is aligned with the company’s business goals.

Our approach:

  • Analysis of the current IT infrastructure
  • Identification of improvement potentials
  • Definition of IT-goals
  • Development of a detailled plan to implement the IT strategy
Cloud-computing , SaaS & migration

We support our customers in migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud. In doing so, we pursue the goal of reducing their IT costs, increasing flexibility and improving their scalability.

Our approach:

  • Selection of a suitable cloud provider
  • Definition of requirements
  • Migration and integration of existing cloud-services into the existing IT-infrastructure

Products: AWS, Google Cloud

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IT-infrastructure & architecture

We ensure that our customers’ IT infrastructure and architecture are operated effectively and efficiently and that they optimally support their business processes.

Our approach:

  • Planning, integration and maintenance of it systems
  • Ensuring scalability and flexibility

Products: Sophos, Ubiquity, Cisco, FS,
Hardware (Switches, Internet Amplifier etc.)

Mobile Device Management

We help our customers to achieve an effective IT strategy and a suitable MDM system so that the security of their end devices is guaranteed at all times and all compliance guidelines are adhered to.

Unsere Ansätze:

  • Analysis of the IT infrastructure and end devices
  • Evaluation of existing devices, applications and systems
  • Identification and elimination of vulnerabilities
  • Implementation of best practices in mobile security
  • Selection and implementation of MDM systems and solutions (to include, but not limited to, development of policies and procedures for MDM usage, training for users and administrators, and integration of the MDM solution with the company’s existing IT systems)

products: Jamf, Workspace One, Intune

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Software development & integration

We develop customized software solutions and ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into your IT infrastructure.

Our approach:

  • Definition of requirements
  • Selection of the appropriate technology stacks
  • Implementation and integration of the software
  • Executing of Tests
Cybersecurity & risk management

We protect your business from cyberattacks and minimize the risk of data loss and downtime.

Unsere Ansätze:

  • Identification of security risks
  • Implementation of protection mechanisms and monitoring of systems
  • Implementation and integration of software
  • Risk management

Produccts: Sophos, Google Workspace, M365, Jamf, Hornet Security, etc.

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Digital transformation & innovation

We support our customers in digitizing their business processes and develop innovative solutions that advance their business.

Unsere Ansätze:

  • Identifikation von Möglichkeiten zur Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen
  • Entwicklung neuer digitaler Produkte und Dienstleistungen
VoiP solutions

We help our customers better integrate their telephony and IT systems to increase employee productivity and optimize the customer experience

Our approach:

  • Analyse & Evaluation of existing telephone and IT systems
  • Development of integration strategies
  • Development of test and implementation plans
  • Training of users and administrators
  • Integration of VoIP-solutions into existing it-systems

Products: Starface, 3CX

Managed Services/Hardware

We help our customers find a support system that is tailored to their business and employee needs.

Our approach:

  • Advice and development of an IT support concept via our GMS service offering
  • Current hardware components for a low monthly price

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Our team consists of certified IT specialists

Our experienced consultants are able to solve complex technical challenges and help you implement your IT strategy. We work closely with our customers to ensure we develop the best possible solutions to meet the needs of their business.

for IT-business consulting

IT expertise

Our IT consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience in the IT industry. They can help their organization understand and implement the latest technologies and best practices.

Efficient proccesses

We help companies to better design their IT systems by automating processes, optimizing systems and ensuring that all components are compatible with each other.

Saving of costs

By implementing more efficient IT systems, our customers can save costs because our service reduces the number of employees that would otherwise be required and minimizes IT downtime.

Competitive advantage

By providing effective IT systems, our customers can gain a competitive advantage by making their processes and operations faster and more efficient than their competitors.

Risk management

Our IT consultants help companies mitigate IT security risks by ensuring systems are protected and the necessary security protocols are implemented.

Future oriented strategies

jemix supports companies in preparing for future developments in the IT industry and in keeping up with the latest technology trends.

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