From any program. Without printer. Without scanner

Simply use digital with MacNulis stationery

MacNulis verbindet jedes Dateiformat mit der PDF Ihres Briefpapiers

Developed by jemix:

For easy entry into the paperless office. Simply use company stationery digitally.

We developed MacNulis because we have observed with our customers that, despite digitization, there is always a crucial link missing to be able to use company stationery digitally without a printer or scanner.

The MacNulis app closes this gap. MacNulis connects your company stationery design with your digital document to a ready-to-send PDF – without loss of quality.

MacNulis saves you hassle and money. Simply with one click and from any application.

Start the paperless office with MacNulis

Start the paperless office with MacNulisOnce you have created a stationery design with your logo and all mandatory information as a PDF, you can use MacNulis to transfer it from any application directly to a digital document you have created without any loss of quality.

MacNulis makes it easy to go paperless or paperless office. With MacNulis, you can save time, stress, paper and protect the environment without any major investment and directly from your usual workflow.

Save costs with MacNulis

With MacNulis you can easily save costs. When you send your business mail digitally, you won’t need expensive printed corporate stationery, nor will your profits be reduced by postage fees. In addition, you save a lot of time and printer costs because the detour of printing and scanning is eliminated thanks to MacNulis.

With MacNulis you connect any content from any application to the PDF of your corporate stationery design with just one click.

Without printer and without scanner

Nowadays, a modern, attractive work organization in a competitive company is also characterized by the flexibilization of work. However, if you or your employees need additional hardware such as printers and suitable company stationery for every offer, contract or invoice, in addition to an Internet connection and a Mac computer, you do not have this freedom. Working on the road or in a home office becomes really possible with MacNulis for everyday office work. An important advantage that many founders and sole proprietors appreciate.

Simply always 100%
CD compliant

In MacNulis Templates menu you can store all templates relevant for you. This function is particularly convenient if, for example, you have several locations and therefore the sender area contains different addresses. You can also store additional designs for contracts, product and service information, and layouts for placing orders in the template menu. MacNulis eliminates the constant template “tinkering” and the layouts used are always identical and correspond 100% to your corporate design.

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