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The Dreamwell server is the first all-in-one solution for your practice IT and enables you to integrate your familiar Apple system into your daily work routine. Apple devices, whether MacBooks, iPads or iMacs, guarantee you advanced operating options thanks to cross-device usage and working options. In addition, Apple hardware conveys a high-quality impression and radiates seriousness and professionalism, which gives your practice a clean look through the devices used.

Seamless integration

Practically relevant systems


Common data

Security level

Professional firewall

Maintenance & support

Management system for Mac

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All in one

Dreamwell server for your practice

The Dreamwell server is the first all-in-one solution for using Macs as practice computers and combines all requirements for practice telephony, infrastructure management, practice software with integrated identity management and IT security in one compact device. With its simple and clean design, the Dreamwell Server fits perfectly into any practice and enables all employees to work efficiently and comfortably every day.

01 Practice software


Tomedo was developed by doctors for doctors and offers everything you need for the efficient organization of your practice as fast, stable and innovative practice software. Tomedo is programmed exclusively for Apple devices and offers the option of connecting almost any diagnostic device to the software.

02 Practice telephony


STARFACE is your all-round carefree communication package. As an on-premise installation for telephony, messaging and video meetings, STARFACE ensures integrated, smooth and location-independent communication in your practice.

03 IT security


Sophos protects your patient and health data, ensures compliance and provides all-round security for your practice. It also uniquely maintains endpoint, web and email security, as well as network access control. So you simply get reliable protection for all your healthcare data.

04 Infrastructure management system


Univention Corporate Server (UCS) offers a scalable identity and infrastructure management system with which you can manage and expand the entire IT infrastructure of your practice conveniently, centrally and cost-effectively and make it easily accessible to your employees.

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Maintenance and support
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Seamless integration

In our Mac practice concepts, practice-relevant systems are seamlessly integrated. For example, when a patient calls, the software recognizes the patient based on the telephone number stored in the system and automatically opens the corresponding patient file.

Dremwell Sicherheitsniveau

Security level

By using a professional firewall and the GDPR-compliant patient management system “Tomedo”, we guarantee our customers the highest level of security and legal compliance.

This also means that the security of your practice data is permanently guaranteed. This is made possible by data backup methods from the enterprise sector for business-critical applications.

Dremwell Zusammenarbeit


Access to shared files, infrastructure and IT applications is made possible by our integrated employee directory with a central authentication point.

This makes it possible to log on to the computer, WLAN or file sharing locations with one and the same password and regulates the centrally controlled authorizations for each employee.

Dreamwell LaufendeWartung

Ongoing maintenance and support

Take care of your patients, we’ll take care of your IT.

Thanks to our tried and tested management system for Macs in daily business operations, as well as our long-term expertise in the infrastructure components used, such as telephone systems, network modules and Tomedo servers, we can always guarantee a stable and up-to-date hardware and software environment.

Should problems nevertheless arise, we are ready to help you at short notice with our nationwide service.

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Inventory of your current IT infrastructure.


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