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Technical challenges with which SMEs struggle

Data Management


SMBs often have limited resources, which can also affect the IT budget. This can make the selection and implementation of cost-effective IT solutions a major challenge.

Our solution

We help you select and implement cost-effective IT solutions and optimize your IT spending within your budget.


SMEs also often generate a significant amount of data, but often do not have the means or expertise to effectively manage, analyze and protect it.

Our solution

With a data management solution tailored to your business, you can more effectively organize, analyze, and protect your data from threats.


Similar to larger companies, SMEs may have difficulty finding and hiring qualified IT professionals, especially in rural areas.

Our solution

With jemix as your IT service provider, you hire an entire team of Mac experts as your new IT colleague, giving you access to years of technical experience and expertise in any IT-related topic.


Smaller companies are an attractive target for cybercriminals because they are often less well protected than larger companies.

Our solution

We support you in the implementation and maintenance of IT security solutions, including the training of your employees in security-conscious behavior in the IT world.


SMBs are often unable to scale their IT infrastructure and services quickly and cost-effectively to respond to business growth.

Our solution

We help you implement IT solutions that are scalable at will and can easily keep pace with strong business growth.

A holistic IT approach that makes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) competitive

A high-performance and fail-safe IT infrastructure is more important than ever for SMEs in 2023. Automated processes, secure networks and agile digital working can be achieved with the right IT partner.

With jemix as your new IT service provider, you will experience IT for SMEs from a single source. Whether cybersecurity, cloud solutions, mobile device management, VoIP telephony, data security or network infrastructure – together we will find the best IT solutions for your company and guarantee long-term competitiveness.
With short response times and your personal contact, you also enjoy fast and reliable IT support at all times.

Our Genius Managed Services Options:

With an IT Flatrate from jemix you get a wide selection of different IT partner solutions in combination with our IT expertise on demand.

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