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Our design concepts are largely based on the “ease-of-use” concept that Apple has given us.

Your success with customized apps from jemix.

In the digital age, almost every business model depends on a compelling online presence or mobile app as an integral part of the business concept. Custom app development, whether for mobile, desktop or the web, can help a small business become a major market player in no time. Even for existing companies, the right app in the right place can help make it easier for employees to access important company information, optimize business processes and strengthen customer loyalty.
jemix offers contemporary and cross-platform implementation of your digital presence or application to ensure that you can operate successfully in today’s digital landscape.

Frische Farben und ein ansprechendes Design mit abgerundeten Ecken sind das Markenzeichen von den intuitiven Apple Apps.
Which app?
Example: MacNulis
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Native App, Web App or Hybrid App?

App, the abbreviation of “application”, stands for a software program. Developers differentiate between native, web and hybrid apps.
A web app is platform-independent and only requires a browser. Native apps are written in the language of a specific operating system – for example, iOS for Apple mobile devices or macOS for Apple computers. Hybrid apps are a combination of the two. Which technology is better suited for you must be examined on a case-by-case basis and is largely dependent on the goals as well as your available budget.
We would be happy to work with you and clarify which type of app meets your requirements the best.

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From ideas to the app

The tasks and functions an app should automate form the basis of any professional app. These are tasks that occur frequently and can be executed on the go via iPhone or iPad. As soon as you have outlined a rough draft- the time is right to get in touch with us. Together we define the technical specifications, the design, as well as the need for required interfaces and external data connections. Until the full functionality of the app is guaranteed, we will of course take care of testing and troubleshooting.

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The utility is a matter of design

Design is an important aspect of app development and does not only include pleasing colors and shapes. The app should be self-explanatory and intuitive. The app becomes attractive through its accessibility and when it is fun to use, and it will be implemented gladly while improving productivity. To improve employees’ sense of belonging and customer loyalty, we recommend a design in the company’s corporate design.

Our graphic designers will be happy to take your wishes and ideas on board and provide you with various design drafts to choose from.

More about the design

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The app that saves time and money in digital correspondence

MacNulis is a native app from jemix IT-Systemhaus that significantly simplifies an everyday process that occurs dozens of times in every office. We are talking about the expensive and time-consuming detour via printer and scanner to transfer a digitally created document to the company’s own stationery. MacNulis combines the document content with the PDF of the design template to create a ready-to-send PDF with just one click.

You can test MacNulis free of charge. You will discover that MacNulis saves you time and money

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