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From the Internet line and license procurement to the selection and setup of all necessary system components.

The complete turnkey solution for the retail industry

Ein mögliches Hardwarepaket besteht aus einem iPad Air 2 + mPOP + Scanner in silber/weiß

If you want to devote 100% of your attention to your customers and their wishes, the iPad with its intuitive user interface offers the ideal basis for an all-in-one checkout solution. As Apple IT experts, we take care of the entire set-up service for you. We provide the right Internet access and a secure WLAN, procure the necessary licenses and Apple products, and set up your network for you. From us you get the iPad cash register “turnkey” for your business.

All-in-One Checkout Solution from INVENTORUM

Nowadays, a modern checkout system should perform several functions at the same time: Scanning goods quickly, offering the customer a choice of different payment options, and securing all important as well as legally required sales data. But above all, it should be easy to operate. The checkout software from INVENTORUM meets these requirements and is intuitive to use.

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Accounting GoBD compliant

So that you don’t drown in bureaucracy and still comply with the laws of proper accounting of the GoBD, accounting is an integral part of the INVENTORUM POS software.

All income and expenses are stored immediately. Daily financial statements and the cash book are created automatically and thanks to the export functions you save time and effort.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Keep the overview. Large databases often quickly become confusing. With INVENTORUM, you have a daily updated overview of the inventory of your products. To quickly build up your database, INVENTORUM also supports the mass entry of products and merchandise groups. Specifying your merchandise by categories, merchandise groups or product favorites provides you with a flexible filtering and sorting function. Thanks to automatic inventory management, you benefit from a real-time update of your product inventory after each sale.

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E-commerce in Germany continues to grow strongly. Expand your customer base with little effort through your own online store. With the integrated INVENTORUM store system, you can simply get started right away – without the prior purchase of your own website and without administrative effort. Simply import items into the POS system and add descriptions and images.

Safety fo your data

INVENTORUM is a cloud-based software. This means that all data is stored online. The advantages: Your data cannot be lost and is archived in a financially compliant manner – individually, factually, chronologically, readable at any time as well as unchangeable – for any tax audits. To provide maximum security, all data is transferred using professional SSL encryption and, in addition, INVENTORUM only uses servers located in Germany.

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Customer loyalty

Get to know your customers. Every customer is different and every customer wants to be addressed personally. To ensure that your customers feel comfortable with you and enjoy shopping with you, INVENTORUM supports you in your customer management. With sales histories, you can analyze the buying behavior of your customers in order to develop creative sales-promoting customer loyalty measures and adapt your assortment to the wishes of your customers.

Complete solution at a complete price

Your time is a precious resource. So that you can concentrate on what you actually want to achieve, we offer the setup of the iPad POS solution as a complete service. We visit you in your retail store, check the Internet line and, if necessary, provide a new, powerful and secure access. In addition, we take care of the entire contract processing, hardware and software procurement and install INVENTORUM for you. So that you can calculate precisely, you receive our complete service at a fixed price starting at € 2,500.00.

Strong Partnerships

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