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Your Business can thrive during Corona with Apple

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many companies have switched to home office structures to protect employees and clients. Homes are becoming places that combine both work and free time. Reliable communication systems outside of the office are more important now than ever, yet many companies were not prepared. Apple, as an IT company, was and is uniquely prepared to meet this need, while other IT firms are still playing catch up.
In this blog entry, you will learn how you as an employer can benefit from Apple in times of lockdown and beyond. Because if one thing is certain, it is that working from home will become an integral part of the workplace. So it makes all the more sense to set course for the future now.

Apple provides several solutions for those working from home. Here are our Top Five:

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1 Centralized management for
Apple devices

Keeping all the different devices at your company in check can pose a great challenge. Thankfully, Apple with their operating systems in connection to Apple Business Manager provides the mechanisms to organize devices centrally via Mobile Device Management (MDM). This way, you can set up iPads, iPhones, MacBooks etc. individually or for groups like departments, which prevents the mix-up of company and personal data.
We recommend the mobile device management Jamf Pro, which is used to manage over 17 million Apple devices worldwide.

2 In house telephony using Apple devices

If your employees are not seated at the desk next to you or the office next door, internal communication is compromised and telephony costs ramp up. By using Voice over IP (VoIP) in connection to an Apple compatible cloud telephone system, you will greatly reduce your telephony costs but continue to use telephones. A Starface telephone system easily transforms your iPhone or Mac into a company telephone – and you employees’ phones as well.

3 Cloud solutions with Apple

If you already work with cloud solutions in your company, such as Google G Suite or Microsoft 365, you can do so effortlessly with your Mac, iPad or iPhone because Apple has already integrated the support of those services. Conference tools like Zoom or Cisco WebEx run smoothly on Apple devices. So, if you are familiar with those services, you do not have to give them up when you switch to Apple and you will be met by the familiar look of the Apple interface. The ability to offer both, native and third-party applications, makes Apple a flexible platform.

4 Home Office and Apple? Certainly!

If you are worried about your employees’ productivity dropping off while working remotely, Apple can help. Studies have shown that using Apple devices increases productivity, encourages creative thinking, and makes employees more satisfied with their work due to the frustration free performance. Intuitive and fast communication between Apple devices makes users happy and enables a smooth workflow.

5 IT-Service on a professional level for Apple networks

The jemix GmbH is happy to answer all your questions concerning the digitalization of your company. We want to advise and support you and equip your company for successful home office operations with Apple. Device management, the search for a suitable cloud solution, the transition to Apple or technical questions of any kind, our experts are available for you. We want to give you the support you need in these challenging times and equip your company for the future.